PAULETTE PURSERPersonal success as an artist came to Paulette as a 7 year old, winning the attention of her parents with a drawing.  Professional success continued as Paulette made conscious efforts to work at what she loved most.  She calls it art”work”.

Drawing portraits began in 5th grade when Paulette realized she could capture a person’s likeness simply using a pencil.  Although it seemed easy and magical to her, it wasn’t until she read “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Dr. Betty Edwards, that she knew that anyone could be taught to draw.   A little energy and curiosity is all it would take to learn how to use the right side of the brain. Paulette schedules drawing in her daily routine because she knows how good it is for her.   She teaches drawing because she knows how good it is for YOU. 

In Memoriam Marty Hurley (Paulette's late husband)

RBD Methodology

“You can draw” is the message Paulette has been spreading since 1987 when she began teaching Right Brain Methods found in “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”, by Dr. Betty Edwards.   Although retired from teaching, those interested in learning to draw can consult with Paulette, now through RBD Methodology (Right Brain Drawing).


Paulette’s education includes an Associates Degree in Art from Southern Illinois University and a Bachelor of Arts from Southwestern Louisiana University.  She also attended the Beaux Artes in Paris, France, the Academy of Fine Art in Chicago, the University of New Orleans, and Dr. Edwards’ “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” course at Harvard.

Prior Employment

Paulette was a Daily Newspaper Cartoonist in Illinois, Assistant Art Director of Channel 26 in Chicago, and Medical Illustrator for the Ochsner Foundation Hospital, the VA Hospital, and LSU/Tulane Medical Schools.

Teaching Drawing/Painting

Paulette taught “Right Brain Drawing” at the University of New Orleans Metropolitan College and at the Visitation of Our Lady Catholic School for 15 years.

She was a French Quarter Artist for many years and represented Louisiana as an artist at 4 International Festivals in France and Belgium, from 1994-1998. 

Paulette has presented and done portraits on board the Delta, Mississippi and American Queen paddle-steamboats since 2000, onboard Royal Caribbean’s “Grandeur of the Seas”, and Holland America’s 5-star luxury liner “Zaandam” from San Diego to Hawaii.

Ms. Purser has had the distinction of creating the watercolor painting that is featured on each of Commander’s Palace restaurant's under-plates (1996) and her annual portraits of Zurich Classic Champions have lined the walls of Fore!Kids Foundations’ office since 2001.

The latest watercolor series of whimsical houses in “Les Maisons de la Louisianne” is the result of Paulette’s intense interest in building/design.